ReactJS Custom Radio Buttons

Started to work on a project based on ReactJS and from previous (probably bad) experience started to look for a third party component for Radio Buttons. After not finding a suitable solution I quickly implemented the following tiny component for making any button-like elements switch like radio buttons. Usage The… Read more →

Install PIP on Mac OSX

The official documentation on PIP describes an alternative way for installing PIP, which works just perfect with OSX operating system. As the documentation describes, we should download and run the script. $ curl -o $ sudo python Alternatively you can… Read more →

Text Formatting in Skype

I really don't like Skype, but you don't have choice in these kind of situations, when all use it so you have to as well. Some notes for me (not to Google every time) to enable/disable wiki markup in the conversation. /wikimarkup [on/off] All the supported syntax is… Read more →

AngularJS Directive: UpperCase Input

There are many ways of creating reusable UI components in web, though in this article we will take a look into Angular JS' (version 1.*) approach. Like any modern framework, Angular JS tries to make you code less and build more modular applications. It provides a clean MV* architecture for… Read more →